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TIGHTSTICK - The paintball barrel you wish you had.

Tuesday, December 20th, 2011

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Introducing the TIGHTSTICK barrel! Manufactured by paintball’s premiere barrelmaker, LAPCO Inc, the TIGHTSTICK combines classic design with modern performance engineering and legendary quality.


Length: 14″
Bore: .681″
Manufacturer: LAPCO Inc.
Threading: Sniper (Autococker)
Finish: Matte or polished (please specify), black anodized
Material: 6061 aerospace aluminum
Weight: ~4.2oz

Inspired by the design of the original “Thompson” ribbed Sniper barrel, the TIGHTSTICK is intended as a one-barrel solution for tightbore/underbore applications. Its step-bore design is unique and is not found on any other LAPCO barrels, providing a 10″ control-bore length in a 14″ overall package. The porting design is also unique and features 6 rows of straight ports, for whisper-quiet performance. Manufactured of aerospace-quality 6061 aluminum and featuring LAPCO’s truly supreme attention to quality, these barrels carry a lifetime warranty through LAPCO. Designed with the needs of pump players in mind, the TIGHTSTICK is equally suitable for semi applications.

The benefits of tightbore or underbore barrels have been well-tested and documented in recent years. Underboring prevents rollouts, achieves optimum efficiency and provides optimum consistency, mitigating the effects of ball-to-ball size variances. Testing and experience has shown that paintballs can take quite a bit of squeeze without increased paint breakage and that the old wisdom of an exact bore match is actually the least desirable option.

As of right now, these barrels are in soft release and are offered at a sale price of $52.99 shipped (MSRP $58.99) via USPS First Class. Click here for more info.


Paintball barrel accessories - Just the Tip?

Thursday, September 29th, 2011

Paintball Barrel accessories

If you have been to a paintball field lately you know almost no one is happy with a stock paintball barrel. When players decide it is time to upgrade they usually want a barrel that won’t bend when they drop it, something that will last a long time and is actually improving the performance of the paintball marker. When players get to try out LAPCO barrels they usually buy one and stick with it being the barrels are low cost and offer high performance increase. Some also want the barrel to be customizable allowing for different looks for different games. Enter the Big Shot Assault Tips. These Tips work on all LAPCO Big Shot Assault and Str8tshot barrels. They completely transform how the marker looks and does not take away from accuracy or performance. Like all LAPCO products they are Made in the USA and come with a Lifetime Warranty. The quality of the material and workmanship show when the product is observed in hand. Be sure to demand for authentic LAPCO products so you spend less time in the shop and more time on the field. Ask for the at your local pro shop or visit our Facebook Fan Page for more information on where to purchase one.

MP5 Gas Through Magazine for Tippmann A5

Friday, September 23rd, 2011

Want to see how easy it is to install a LAPCO MP5 Gas Through Magazine? Well Hustle Paintball has you covered. Not only do they install it in under 3 minutes but they let you know their own opinion on the quality and weight it adds to your Tippmann. Gotta love YouTube for a great service they provide. Thank you as well to Hustle Paintball.

Hustle Paintball LAPCO MP5 Install

Paintball Barrel Upgrade with Lifetime Warranty

Wednesday, September 14th, 2011

Looking for the right paintball barrel upgrade? There are so many options out there you can get lost pretty quick. The main things to look for is will the company be there for you if you need them? Another way to put it is “Know who you are buying from”.

LAPCO Paintball Barrel Upgrade

The product displayed above is a universal design. Meaning it can work on multiple paintball markers and barrels. Even non-LAPCO barrels. This saves time and money to get to where you want to be. A universal product you can take off your A5 and put it on your TM-15 in minutes.

LAPCO has been there for the players for years. The low price proves that products can be made in the USA, have a Lifetime Warranty and still be low cost for the consumer. Makes you wonder where all the money is going when a product costs far more yet was made overseas at a far lower cost. Some products and companies are there just to take your money. Some are there to make sure you have fun with it for years to come. We are sure you know where LAPCO stands.

LAPCO has been manufacturing paintball accessories in the USA (California) since 1987. That is over 24 years of experience. LAPCO offers a Lifetime Warranty on all their products. So when you are looking at a paintball barrel, barrel tip, or mock suppressor look no further. LAPCO has you covered.