Perfect Upgrade for Tippmann TPX Paintball Pistol

LAPCO (Los Angeles Paintball Company) is proud to announce new versions of the popular LAPCO TPX Block upgrade specifically made for the Tippmann TPX pistols. The body of the block is 6061 aluminum anodized black with high tolerances and exact dimensions to be sure they fit perfectly with all TPX’s on the market. The LAPCO molded rail is made from a special blend of fiber reinforced military grade composite that withstands freezing temperatures and does not absorb moisture. Prior to this release the rail was only available in black. The upgrade block is now available in 3 different rail colors. (Black, DS, and FDE). FDE is short for Flat Dark Earth and DS is short for Desert Sand.

LAPCO has been manufacturing paintball products since 1987 and all of the products are “Made in the USA”. LAPCO only uses high-grade materials that are product specific and makes every attempt to only use minimal packaging. The use of minimal packaging helps keep the product cost down and is a sustainable effort to keep the paintball eco-footprint as small as possible. LAPCO’s world famous “Lifetime Warranty” is valid on these new product offerings.

The low price of all LAPCO products proves that high quality products can be “Made in America” and still be affordable. For more information please call us at 800-640-8085 or visit our Facebook at: or visit our website at

Tippmann TPX Upgrade Block


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