New Magazine Release for Tiberius Arms pistols

December 16, 2011

LAPCO (Los Angeles Paintball Company) is proud to announce a new magazine release for Tiberius Arms pistols specifically for Left-Handed shooters. The magazine release is manufactured from the same 6061 aluminum found on the right-handed magazine release that most serious Tiberius Arms owners have installed on their pistols. The highly sought after product has the LAPCO scorpion icon lasered onto it and fits perfectly with all Tiberius pistols on the market today. This allows for easy index finger engagement of the magazine release for right-handed shooters. Derrick Obatake from the LA Hitmen was quoted “I have been wanting a left-handed mag release for my Tiberius for years even though I am right handed. From a tactical perspective it is a good thing to be able to have functionality with either hand. This is great news!”

LAPCO has been manufacturing paintball products since 1987 and all of the products are “Made in the USA”. LAPCO only uses high-grade materials that are product specific and makes every attempt to only use minimal packaging. The use of minimal packaging helps keep the product cost down and is a sustainable effort to keep the paintball eco-footprint as small as possible. LAPCO’s world famous “Lifetime Warranty” is valid on these new product offerings.

The low prices of all LAPCO products prove that high quality products can be “Made in America” and still are affordable. For more information please call us at 800-640-8085 or visit our Facebook Fan Page at: or visit our website at

LAPCO Tiberius Arms Left Handed (Reverse) Magazine Release

Left Handed Mag release for Tiberius Arms

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