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Tuesday, December 13th, 2011

Need to buy paintball gifts?

Buying gifts can be a stressful situation. Especially when your worried that what your buying isn’t the right gift. Here are some bullet points to help get you find the perfect paintball gift and not go crazy doing it. Your paintballer friend wants products that do not fail and actually do what they say they are going to do. If you go to a pro store or shop online you can still make sure you are not buying a POS by following these bullet points. First remember paintball play takes severe abuse on products. If the company isn’t willing to back the product up then chances are it is not worth buying in the first place. What is the warranty?

Second you want to make sure where is comes from. You don’t want your special someone showing up at a paintball field with some Chinese knock-off or other super un-cool product.  Remember playing paintball is all about shooting each other. You do NOT want to the be the guy supporting companies who are sending jobs elseware and knocking off American designs. Most find out pretty quick that you want to be supporting USA made products and you want high quality paintball gear so you make friends at paintball field and not just be a target for everyone to laugh at. Otherwise the experience might be less than desirable.

To be sure you are getting the right product make sure the product you are buying meets these requirements:

1. Only purchase paintball products that have a Lifetime Warranty. Period

2. Only purchase paintball products that are “Made in the USA”. Not this “assembled in the USA or partially manufactured in the USA”. Those are cute attempts but you want the real thing.

3. Buy from companies that have been around for at least 11 years. You don’t want some products from a fly-by-night company. Some companies have been around for over 20 years and are still going strong.

4. Look for reviews and what other people are saying about the company. Are the products accurate and reliable? Does the warranty get honored? Are people happy with the products they buy from them?

If you search around you will find companies that will take care of you and will support you though your paintball years. One thing is for sure if you choose LAPCO (Los Angeles Paintball Company) you will be treated with respect and all of your questions will be answered with honest answers. LAPCO will even let you know what other  high quality paintball products are out there besides their own. Gotta love that!

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