DS11, 12.5" T15 Dual-feed, Smoothbore, BigShot Assault - Lapco Paintball

T15 DS11, 12.5" Dual-feed, Smoothbore, BigShot Assault

  • $99.99

Threads: T15

Bore Length: 11.5 inch Control Bore / 12.5 inch with Tip

Bore Options: .684, .687

Finish: Matte Finish

M16/M4 Muzzle tip included

"Duel-Feed" means you can use the Hopper or Magazine as the barrel will rotate to accommodate either loading port.

The 684 slows down the FS round to better match the speed of the round ball. You chrono the FS then test the round ball, adjust to field regulation speed until you find the sweet spot for both. That way you can switch between the ball round and FS rounds on the fly.

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